Tailored Hijab-Friendly Suits : Made In Krabi

Assalamu'alaikum. Another good thing about Krabi is that almost everything is much cheaper than two other tourist attractions that I'm familiar with, namely Hat Yai or Phuket - from massage, manicure & pedicure, spa and tailor-made suits (dresses, skirts, blouses and the likes). I decided to order two suits for a start, looking at the catalogs and the fabrics in one particular shop heading to Mercure Hotel. I forgot its name but the payment receipt stated "Barbarry" of 235 M.2 T.Aonang A.Muang Krabi. 

We spotted the shop by chance in fact, when we were searching for a massage place after leaving Junior with Bibik at the hotel the 1st night in Krabi. An Indian (or may be Bangladeshi) guy named Kishoor was there to welcome us and immediately phoned his "bayya" (brother) for further explanations and dealings, whose name sounded something like "Antique" if I was not mistaken. The price was totally crazy to our ears for 5 pairs of men's formal shirts, 1 pair of men's suit and 2 pairs of ladies' suits (with maxi double pleated skirts). I mean, we would never EVER get the same price anywhere at our place. Not with the same fabrics, details and workmanship - let alone SPEED. 

We went for fitting the following day after our island hoppings trip, about 3pm something local time with minor adjustments here and there and every single thing was ready for collection the very next day lunchtime - can you imagine? Hardly 3 days and we got all those things duly packed to be driven home. Mind blowing, really! I particularly love the skirts, which design I haven't had yet in my closet. Thumbs up. Hands down. Call it what you want - I fell in love. ^_^ 

From the catalog.

Into reality. With some modifications to suit a hijabi, of course. 

Verdict and review given, I definitely will repeat orders in near future - another reason to repeat visits to Krabi - ehem! ehem! 

- Nai at  Tak Pe Je.


  1. cantik! mesti murah kannnn mmng tak rugi la tempah ye...pasti akan diulangi kedatangan ke Krabi ;p


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