Maths With Graphic Storyline

Assalamu'alaikum. So I've never really been good at Maths myself, let alone become a teacher. But heck, that's what mothers do anyways - teach Maths especially during exam weeks. Junior's teacher had whatsapped me over the weekend to have a revision on problems solving, so I ever so dutifully obliged. Somehow I figured it would be much easier if I explain things with some graphic visualisation to get to Junior and it turned out to be a jackpot, really. Alhamdulillah he was grinning most of the way while finishing 14 problematic questions on fractions. 

When I left the remaining half questions for him to tackle on his own, I had to however remind him not to consume too much time with his imaginations and storylines, or else he wouldn't be having enough time to finish off all questions in the exam hall. He smiled nonetheless. He understood. By the time the final question was due, he didn't even have to draw anything anymore, much to my delight. I knew he'd be just fine. I just knew it.

One thing I learned long time ago, it's all about approach and delivery of knowledge that really matter. There's no one specific way of making people understand, so be creative and be happy to help others around you the way you think suits them best.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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    1. Akak rasa approach yg betul mesti bleh buat org tak mental block dgn Maths..
      Cuma kebanyakan approach yg kita jumpa jenis menghukum..


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