Pray for MH 370

Assalamu'alaikum. Ya Allah, please ease everything for everybody on board and those off board MH370. It's been 3 days and still no sign of anything just yet. Speculations have risen high. Stress is unquestionable. Distress is undeniable. Yet we must not lose hope.. Keep praying for them we shall..

Someone sent me a whatsapp message today, saying that the MH370 tragedy has some significance with surah Yaasin wherein the surah has 83 verses altogether and the flight was reported to be lost on 8/3/2014 at approximately 00:41. Verse 41 of that surah is as follows:

"And a sign for them is that We lodged them (their offspring) in a laden ship"

This by all means an unforeseeable circumstance, an Act of God. The fact that the verse in that surah has illustrated such situation is not a coincidence, but rather a point to ponder. However, there are others who disagree with such intrepretation of that verse, due to the fact that it's against 'reason behind the revelation' in the first place. Having said that, positive or negative outcome that awaits us ahead shall become a lesson learned in a hard way, of course. Impossible is only relevant to humans, not God. So, please have faith and make loads of du'as.

 It saddens me a great deal to see loads of insensitive peeps out there keep making stupid remarks that bear no fruit whatsoever to other than themselves. Let us otherwise stay together and pray for some clues and loads of miracles..

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. setiap yang berlaku adalah dari Nya..semoga setiap kejadian menjadi pengajaran dan memberi ilmu kepada khalifah yg masih hidup di muka bumi ni...Semoga MH370 ditemui walaupun hanya secebis.... T__T

  2. sama2 kita doakan....dca semalam didatangi ramai pihak utk hulurkan malangnya pegawai2 bertugas semua takde kat opis...kesian pulak serang ditendang bak bola ke sana ke sini....huhuhu


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