Good BBQ Grill Hunting In Melbourne : Review on Breville.

Assalamu'alaikum. Apart from meeting my BFF and Junior's wish lists of seeing kangaroos and being with his BFF, I went to Melbourne this time with 3 places in mind: Bunnings Warehouse, Good Guys Appliances and Victoria Market. Direct Factory Outlets were not even in the list! (LIAR!!!) ^_^ Well, half truth indeed - at least not within the paramount budget(s), not to mention limited, but of course. 

I had 2 things in mind since my 1st visit almost 2 years ago, namely 1) BBQ Grill Set; and 2) Coffee [Espresso] Machine. There you go, I said it. Yes, I had set my goal to get them. And yes, I went and got them right on. Nothing could stop me. Absolutely nothing. Hahahha. But on serious note, I thank Allah for making that happen.. For granting me mysterious and sometimes surprising ways of getting RIZQ to make it happen in the first place. Of all my sins and weaknesses I must have done something good to deserve such golden opportunities. Alhamdulillah.

So, here's my BBQ Grill I got myself from the Good Guys Electrical Appliances: 

And tell you what: I got myself what I had come for, only better. Much, much better.  Been using this darling to the max during Ramadan.. User's and environmental friendly, grilling has never been this delicate amd effortless, not to mention smoke free. Yeah, Smoke Just Don't Get Into Me Eyes. La La La. 

I had meant to bag myself a gas-based grill at Bunnings but since the deal was out of this world at Good Guys, I changed my mind and had to let go of the former. I hated the fact that I had to even choose, but hey, JANGAN TAMAK HALOBA boleh?  Yeah, that scolding had to be made within my own self then. Limited budgets, remember? 

It turned out to be a sound and perfect decision, not that I had meant to be wise anyways. Hahahah. I mean, look at how the darling grill fits small area just nicely? Again, practicality makes sense as opposed to illogical lust. Owh, just couldn't find better and more polite phrase, sowwey..! 

Much to my delight, I vote for this Breville's Inside-Outside BBQ Grill 10 stars over 10.  Next trip, I know what's in store.. Hurmmm.. 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. sangat mudah..dah takde la hadap asap bekepol2 kan..smpi berair2 mata klu wt bbq nice!


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