Batik Sarung & I, We Had A Thing Going On

Assalamu'alaikum. I've always been a big fan of traditional Malay attires, with my constant used hashtags #teambajukurung #teambajutradisi #teamkurungmodern and the like. One of the things I've missed most is pairing a plain fabric with batik sarung and/or songket, the latter of which has been made a few weeks ago. In particular, I've been craving for the following style, as you can see in the picture taken in 1992. 

The very style I have long since left behind, as far as the skirt is concerned, reason being I just couldn't find that kind of loose batik anymore. Mom said it's all over the place, but why oh why, I couldn't seem to find anywhere? There must be somewhere, it's just that I don't know where. So I got myself a normal batik sarung that was a please to my eyes and sent it over to the tailor. I'd of course reveal it once it's done. 

I somehow felt like layering the plain fabric with some decorative lace, which I thought would complement the batik
sarung nicely. Ah, can't wait for it to finish!

But that didn't stop me from looking around for the real deal, which led me to an Instagram account by the name of 'nagarabatik' from Indonesia, but of course! I haven't finalized my order just yet, though, but I know it wouldn't end here.

I meant, why can't I find any of those here? Well, not everyone in Malaysia loves what I adore, which means that I belong to a minority report, what a shame! But anyhow, I don't care one bit, so let the fun begin! 

My fashion sense seems to revolve around the same orbit, what more can I say? I can't help it, so help me God! Thanks anyways for stopping by. Do take care and see you soon! Assalamu'alaikum. 

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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