Fools Rush In

Salam. Not long ago I watched a star-studded Hindi movie called Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Never Say Goodbye), which brought me to the fact that women seem to ask questions they already know the answers. Well, I always defensively said it's not true, for I ask questions to get clarifications on several probabilities. Earlier today when I was still on my kimono pyjama and browsing an authentic handbag blog [], I was suddenly directed to the same issue yet once more. But I decided not to sleep on it when I was cycling like a Hijabista would later on in my porch (couldn't find an image of a Hijabi cycling in gym, hence this picture was inserted). 

Anyways, back to the topic. I guess I subconsciously tried not to notice the indirect answers I got from that particular movie then. And now that I'm 'sober' enough to dwell on this twilight zone, I find myself embracing the entire realization with not quite an awe. Have I been such a fool for not seeing the apparent? Not really. Somehow I knew it all along, just that I never knew for certain. Not until I asked, anyway. Like they say, it's sometimes what you didn't say that tell the most. Some even term it as 'Reading Between the Lines'. Call it what you want, dear. To me, it spells reality. And it Bites.

But then again, we'd better stay out of the iceberg territories and re-route our Colombus compass. For any detriment by any means should be expelled. And sometimes words are best left unspoken. Unless they need to at least soothe our feelings and we're strong enough to live with the reality. Like in this quite different genre of Hindi movie, I guess Maya wasn't even ready to know the answers to her own questions. And Dev had obviously been denying the truth before the provocations came to the max. Coming to a point that their marriages were falling apart since their first encounter 4 years ago, would they rather be spending the next 4 years in agony of wanting each other so badly and hurting their own spouses along the way with that? Phiewwww, that's quite a heart-wrenching issue, don't you guys think? Bravo to Karan Johar for the script. So real and so relevant with current situations, no wonder it hit a remarkable box-office in Europe back in 2006. 

But oh, can't help falling in love with the Hijabi style Maya was wearing in this particular shot. I can easily relate to that, of course. Just add a scarf on, I'd be ready to wait for a train there next to Shah Rukh Khan, trying my damnest not to die right there and then. Ha Ha Ha.  


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