Change of Looks

Assalamu'alaikum. So I have collected my new pair of glasses earlier this week. The glasses that received mixed feedbacks from my friends and family, that is. Apparently the plastic frames have taken over the optometric world and the leading brands have stopped the produce of iron frames. 

I personally love both frames, iron or plastic but the latter gives more comfort to my eyes and nose, for that matter. Especially with the transitional lense that change color according to the temperature, I even feel comfortable under the sun. 

Yeah, this pair of new glasses have also transformed me into somewhat new girl next door. Even my son commented last night that 'mummy looks different', so much for the change, eh?

The frames are from Georgio Armani, the same brand with my oversized shades. It cost me MYR800 after a big fat triendly discount given by my lovely buddy Alice. Still expensive for me, though. But yeah, I wouldn't get that buddy-buddy price somewhere else, I guess. 

However, I still have to wear my shades outdoors when it gets too sunny but at least I don't have to do so indoors when I sit next to a window. And that is something great for me.. Alhamdulillah.

That's it, dearest. Thanks a bunch for dropping by. Until next time, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Posted With Loads of Love By Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Salam, you look soo beautiful :') and much younger in those new glasses :) I'm mesmorized by the beauty you hold, truthfully :')

    1. Salamun 'alaikee. Thanks a bunch, dear.. And thanks for dropping by.


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