Penang Bridge, Ferry & Mee Kuah Ketam Balik Pulau

Assalamu'alaikum. Most Malaysians love Penang because of its food, a fact of which I can't disagree. One thing for sure, the traffic flow would kill you especially during festive seasons or school holidays. With that on mind, one should choose the right time to go there with peace of mind. So that Penang Bridge won't be packed like sardins, but rather a smooth sailing experience.

Of all those Nasi Kandar restaurants around, you might wanna consider trying a different meal for lunch. Do give Mee Ketam Balik Pulau a try, dearest. BIG TIME -  It's a real deal, I promise. Open at 230pm (not sure daily or closed any other day), you can actually check in around 1pm and the chef would happily entertain you with orders. 

Mee Kuah (soup) they call it, with ketam (crabs) and udang (prawns) - you can choose kuey teow instead. I really loved it when I took the first sip of the remarkable soup that I couldn't stop sipping, must be due to the sweetness of the crabs coupled with prawns. 

And do hop on and hop off the ferry with your car, the kids (and the adults) would love it to bits. But if you go there during peak season, be extra patient for the Q would be extra long, just like the Penang Bridge would be. See how my shawl 'flewn' by the wind? Yeah, the wind would help a lot in such a hot weather! 

If you can't stand the heat, fret not. Just sit in your car with the air-cond full blast for all you care! Heheh. It wasn't THAT hot Alhamdulillah when we boarded the ferry, or else my face would have been 'shimmering' with no make-up on, especially. Yeah, sometimes when we have to wake up at odd hours to catch the earliest flight, we wouldn't really have the time or the mood to put any make-up on. Or is it only me?

Well, that's all for now, thanks for dropping by. Until next time, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Posted With Loads of Love By Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Nai pi bercuti kat penang masa raya ni ke? seronoknya....rindu kt penang laaaa

  2. tak pernah try lak mee ketam tuh, nampak sedap lak!
    aku pun jarang make up, makin tua makin malas make up hahahhahahah
    confident gojes sepanjang masa wkakakakkakaka

    1. Aku kalu reti, nak jugak mekap..
      Mee ketam tu jauh sket, kat Balik Pulau nun.. Mmg sedap..!


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