Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) Over The Decades

Assalamu'alaikum. I was fiifteen when I went to Penang Hill the first time and I still remember who sat next to me in the train uphill, a male friend called Syam. And more than two decades later an offspring of mine took the place of him. Then I was in a school trip all the way from my hometown in Kuala Terengganu, clad in school unfiform. So glad that I had survived the turbulence of teenage drama and behold! I'm gonna face the upcoming drama from Junior in near future!

Anyways, looking at the signboard there, one thing for sure: We Had Apparently Been in Penang. Yeah, we had arrived! Bringing home bitter sweet memories with us. I almost lost my sun-glasses at the Owl Museum, which happened to be a total bluff because the owls were all in picture frames, t-shirt prints or small miniatures. What a joke! Even Junior had a big laugh at the absurdity of it. 

But yeah, it was fun overall and I took loads and loads of pictures - and had mine taken just as much, of course. Well, who knows what future holds so why let the sweet memories left unframed? If they decided to frame the pictures of owls and sell tickets to get into the so-called museum, we should learn something from that. Right? ^_^

If you're looking for cooler air in Penang, this is the place you should visit but with its height of 2,450 feet above sea level you won't get what you would in Bukit Tinggi, Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands. Still a hot place despite the wind, of course. As per the view, it's gorgeous nonetheless, worth every ringgit that you pay at the entrance. It's MYR8 for adults and MYR4 for elderlies/children/students provided you produce separate individual Malaysian Identity/Student Cards. And if you're bringing a maid along, proof of working permit or at least a Fomema Card will entitle you to get the discounted rate for Malaysian citizen (MYR8) as well. Mere passport is not enough, okay? For non-citizens, it's MYR30 for adults and MYR15 for children. And please keep your tickets intact for you're gonna need them later at the exit gate. Not sure if there's any penalty fee for ticket loss though, but just don't lose them - will save you headaches.

If you feel like drinking or having a snack or two, there's a food court nearby the so-called (misrepresented) owl museum. But if you don't mind to spend more, just drop by at David Brown's Cafe where you're paying for the comfort, magnificent view and diligent service. For better understanding, two hot lattes + a glass of carbonated drink + mousse + coke + a slice of super delicious strawberry cheese cake = MYR80+++. Then again, you're free to hang out for as long as long you wish, nobody is going to mind a bit. 

That's it dearest, thanks for reading this. Until next entry, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Posted With Loads of Love By Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. naik gak masa last year pi penang, tapi dah tak sejuk cam dulu, byk kerja2 renovation, tak best lak naik sana masa tuh, tapi ada buggy, sewa aje, pusing the whole area hahahhaha dasar malas jalan kaki kan.....but still view yang cantik dan tak lengkap pi penang kalau tak mai sini kan!

    1. Kali nih dah xde reno.. Lawa sgt, beb.
      Tapi bosan la duk lama2.. Bukan ada apa sgt, kan?

  2. Ni bukit bendera la kan...hehe akak naik masa sklh rendah dulu agaknya dkt 25thn ada tak? Lamaaa tu
    Nak naik lg la...tgu ujung thn la kot :)

    1. Ye kakak.. Dulu train naik ke Bukit Bendera tu lain, skrg dah mcm coach lrt dah.. Maklum lah, sejak tahun 1923 ke bila ntah start bukak tempat tu.. Takkan la xde perubahan, kan? Heheh.

  3. lama dh tak naik..tempat deting dulu2 ni..haha..
    mahal gak ek kat cafe tu....minum je lepak2 ok kowt

    1. Waah... Kenangan Cinta la ye? Ok la tu..!
      Mahal tapi berbaloi2...!


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