Begging For More Charms

Assalamu'alaikum. My latest hobby is collecting and/or creating handbag charms, might be due to lack of energy to roam the outside world lately. Whenever I do go out though, I would wander about looking for anything suitable to create new charms. Yep, that spells Nai to the max, if you ask me. Otherwise, I would dig in and out existing accessories (mostly necklaces) that could be turned into charms. Well, better than just lying around in the boxes for ages without getting even touched! 

This one I bought recently in PJ, lovely piece that didn't break anyone's purse at all, at all. 

This necklace I've been keeping safely and soundly asleep for quite some time, so yeah, why not putting it for good use, right?

The same goes with this necklace, actually. For the past few years I've been donning wider and longer shawls, 'disabling' me from wearing much accessories underneath my hijabs. So, it's time to let my handbags wear them now. How about that? 

And this one, I bought the same day with the 1st piece in PJ. I'm allergic to the furly thing, though. Gotta be careful not to touch it and rub me nose afterwards, that's all. 

There are a few others that I have just finished working with, what fun and joy it's been, really. I might as well grab a piece or two from LV one day, when I really can afford one, of course. Really, really, really can afford one, that is. 

I'm not sure how long this hobby would last, but until then, it will keep me very content and consumed: Happiness! 

There goes nothing, thanks a bunch for dropping by. Take care and see you when I see you. 

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je. 


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