Speckyme, Mummy..!

Assalamu'alaikum. Junior is now a specky himself. Oh My...! And he really likes it, well at least for now. He chose his own frame, which appeared to be very 'grown-up' in the first place, as opposed to my optometrist's and my suggestions. I let him choose what he wanted, as usual but personally I couldn't say I didn't like what he chose. Looks nice on him!

Judging from his power prescription, his eyesight has suffered for quite some time but he had been hiding it from us. He started to tell me that he couldn't see what the teachers wrote on the white-board last week only when he had swapped place in the classroom with another boy with poor vision. I guess if he still occupies his usual table at the front row, even he wouldn't  know about his poor vision, let alone his mummy! 

I started to wear glasses at thirteen and my boy at TEN! As I was feeling low and troubled, there was another kid at the optician with his mom and he turned out to be NINE. Looking at the boy's undivided attention from his PSP, I knew what had caused him to become a specky at such tender age. It has become a norm, Oh My...!

Anyways, the picture above was the notes I prepared for Junior for his Tajweed test last Wednesday because he didn't bring home his own notes taken at school despite my constant reminders. After the test, which he eagerly said he could do very well (Alhamdulillah..!), he finally told me why he didn't bring home his notes. He couldn't see what's written on the white-board because he had been placed at the back. I said he shouldn't have just kept quiet and should have at least let me know so that I could bring him to have his eyes examined straight away. Well, you haven't been quite well lately, mummy.. Came his answer, which broke my heart. My very soft-hearted boy! 

After he got his glasses, which I somehow made sure was ready immediately, he was practically jumping up and down in excitement and proclaimed beamingly: Well, Mummy.. Now I'm also a "Speckyme", just like you! (Referring to my hashtag #speckyme in the Instagram). That had made me laughed out loud. Glad he was happy.. Alhamdulillah.

~  Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. my kids pun semua dah ada problem dgn eyes depa.. habits semua dlm rumah pakai spec..

  2. alamak! siannya ek klu bleh dh besar2 skit la tapi nk wat camner dari dia tak nampak kan... nmpak makin matang dia pakai spec ;)

  3. ok, dah tau dah cite junior pakai spek
    kena kurangkan main game bagai nih
    kalau tak power cepat naik
    sepupu aku
    umo 5 tahun
    power 1500

    1. Tu la pasal.. Dah kena start supplements bagai..


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