Boyfriends' Wear, Style and Covered

Assalamu'alaikum. Are you one of those ladies who love to wear clothes from gents' department? You're not alone, you know that, right? For your info, I even love gents' shoes, perfume and cuff links - to name a few. But I usually pair them with ladylike outfits to suit my own preference and well, shall I say style? Yeah, kinda.

Actually that's not hard at all to do. Just put your skirts on instead of jeans, you're good to go. That's the very basic idea, of course. Feel free to experiment other choices depending on circumstances, venues and revenues. I've been doing it for ages, in fact, especially all those early days when ladies department didn't have hijabi friendly blouses and shirts. And before I knew, I was too involved already to change direction eva. ^^ 

These days of late I noticed people out there tend to throw ideas on 'How To Wear Men's Outfits' or 'How To Turn Men's Shirts Into Sexy Dresses'. It's their right, yes I know but from my point of view, ladies don't have to reveal their flesh as much as they don't have to reveal their blood to look sexy (in whose eyes, by the way?) Call me old-fashioned but don't you think it's actually a huge manipulative campaign dominated by morality assassin called advertisement? I mean, ladies don't have problems at all to look sexy because it's in their blood and birth acquired 'skills'. So, why bother to overkill the skills, ladies? You could slip onto a sack and still look sexy, do you know that? Because you have been created in a such a way that defines sexiness in general scale. You'd better start not to keep falling into this morality assassin's trap just to fit in while the very definition of sexiness does not even represent everybody's idea in this globe. Even if it were, how about asking your own selves what your heart of hearts tell you? Be honest for once, do you wholeheartedly agree or just follow the stream blindly? 

To whom are you trying to lie? 
Who are you trying so desperately to please?
Are you really comfortable doing it? 
Have it occured to you that this is not going to stop ever? 
Can you actually have an approval from everybody? 
Should you care? 
And to all questions above, why? 

A human baby is born naked and later wrapped in a towel or blanket or anything that serves the purpose, i.e. to keep the baby comfortable and duly covered now that the placenta is no longer around to do that. Basic thing. So, comfort is a basic need. An instinct, indeed. Our body naturally needs wrapping and necessary coverage, which give us the sense of comfort, of feeling comfortable to be exact. But we often than not are misled by what we want or think we want as opposed to what we need. What we actually need, for that matter. 

Too deep a conversation? Too serious to chew? Or too true to love? 

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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