Hello again, Monday!

Assalamu'alaikum. Weekend's over and it's Monday now, which is perfectly OK.. Every ending means there will be a new beginning, don't you think? I had quite a handful weekend, loved it I must say. How was yours, by the way? Seems like I'm back into writing in English, yes? Ah. That's me. Went to try a new hangout place called DR. CAFE at Festival City Mall, Danau Kota with my dearest sister, not that I liked it much but yeah, not bad at all. Lost a bit of time there, which means I did enjoy the environment. The cafe latte was mild, a little bit too mild for my liking but I couldn't be more thankful for it - or else I might end up counting sheeps at night, if you know what I mean.

I did however go to get some groceries there at the Econsave, which was surprisingly very, very economic just like the name and of course, saved a whole lot of bucks actually. Only that you might not find those familiar brands for cooking oils, butter spread and the likes, talking about saving bucks, no? I was taken aback when we were about to check out from the place along with the rest of the visitors, couldn't believe the jam it caused! There were only two exits and everybody was like going out at the very same time, which made 10 o'clock seemed very pain-in-the-bass. Ah. Long time no stuck in any jam, that's why, PLUS my other half and son were waiting at home to hunt for naan. Noticed a few missed calls along the way, but yeah, bila lagi nak merasa tunggu mummy kan? *wink

Well, that was Saturday. I got so restless Sunday that forced me out of the house after lunch and what on earth was happening, no parking? Why suddenly everybody seemed to flock every possible place these days, really? I nonetheless refused to submit myself to the chaos inside the building and hence, parked outside - risking a ticket but then again, DBKL never issue tickets on Sundays, so it's OK. Not that I caused any obstruction to the traffic, now did I? Rules are made to be broken, no? LOL. On another note, do you notice that I actually wore the same hijab for both occasions? Yeah, almost wore it again today, I swear but decided against it. Love it that much, that's why and PLUS, no unwarranted nor unwanted smell (not just yet). 

Forgive the frowning face of mine, dear friends! Walking under the sun has never been my preference. So yeah, there goes nothing, really. Thanks anyways for dropping by. Love you guys for that! Take care and have fruitful days ahead. See you when I see you. Assalamu'alaikum.

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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