Weekend Shopping Haul, Well.. Kinda

Assalamu'alaikum. It's School Holiday already in Malaysia, so a very happy hols to you guys out there! Even if you guys can't utilize the school hols this semester, 16th (Tuesday) will be a public holiday (The Formation Day of Malaysia), right? I still have things to do tomorrow so Junior would have to wait awhile, unfortunately before we could actually going someplace nice within the vicinities. Hurmm..

Meantime, weekend would be a suitable time to do some shopping, now wouldn't it? This was the (only) picture of mummy and son taken at the mall while waiting for Daddy. We shopped mostly Junior's things, apart from some groceries.

And the night earlier, I accompanied my other half to hunt for new DVDs at his fave shop after having our dinner at the nearest Paparich. Sorry, I didn't snap any picture there! ^^ 

Apart from that, I've been very busy vetting, perusing, amending and restructuring my staff's causepapers for tomorrow's outstanding work. I almost lost my patience actually but yeah, no need to ruin a good weekend! 

Until then, take care!

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je. 


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