Every Hard Work Deserves A Reward or Two

Assalamu'alaikum. It's a material world and who is not material anyways? But come to think of it, we deserve to be a lil' bit selfish sometimes. I mean, it's more about giving ourselves a treat for all those hard works and sacrifices we've been giving others. Others but ourselves. We tend to forget to put our interests before that of others, of which people tend to always take for granted. That's what happens to most women nowadays, especially the independant ones. 

I am one of them. But now I want to change. I have changed. A lot. I have learned to give myself maintenance constantly and deservingly so. I owe myself that much. For all those odd hours of striving and taking care of so many people around me all my life. For all those pains and sufferings heart-aches ups and downs bitter-sweet blood and sweat. I have arrived to a destination called present. I wanna be present at this present tense and present myself with loads of self gratitudes by giving myself loads of presents. Are you present? Stop being absent. 

So, don't you dare blink. For I have arrived. 

Try not a wounded lioness. 

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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