Weekly Diary of A Hijabi, Minus the Stressful Parts

Assalamu'alaikum. It's Friday already, could hardly believe it! How time flies, seems like we just began the week yesterday and here we are wishing each other Juma'ah Barakah. These days of late I have been juggling with the clock, literally and technically speaking. One of the obvious facts known mostly to those around me, especially when I tend to show up with my hoodies and no lipsticks on. Let's do a quick sum up of the week now, shall we? Oh, by the way, I'm free now after Asar prayer and about to call it the day. Here's me earlier today before lunch:

And I guess I'd better do some flashbacks, dear friends. Ok, so it started with pink guava hoodie on Monday, which evidently wasn't a fun day looking at the picture, right? Near gloomy, I'd say. LOL.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was quite okay and I appeared with lipsticks on, mostly because I had to attend appointments so who wanna see a gloomy counsel, right? However, I don't have any picture taken on Thursday for I was stuck in the courtroom right until 12pm and by the time I reached the office I had to come up with a crazy deadline of an urgent matter. Gila ko nak selfie bagai? 

Tuesday: Mint green hoodie and Wednesday: Light Yellow one.

And this one was a cute cotton pencil case I stumbled upon after work at Mr. D.I.Y when I was looking for a few things for my D.I.Y projects. It was ironic, really for I was like exchanging comments in a friend's instagram about how much we missed London earlier on at the office. So I snapped this picture and posted it to my IG, which was obviously appreciated by those who mattered. Yeah, I really do miss a few familiar places but that's what life is all about: sentimental values.

Anyhow, that's a wrap of my week in a nutshell, minus the seriousness of my works, of course. Have a jolly good weekend ahead and take care! Assalamu'alaikum.

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Hello Nai, how you doing'? Ni saya Lee, from Toronto, Canada. Say da balek after MIA 1 year.
    Love your pics here. You're a very attractive young lady.
    Simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

  2. Lamanya x nengok blog awak!!!! Haihhh belog sendiri pun x tertengok. Why eh?
    Miss u sis

    1. Nowadays kan ada byk menda lain yg x yah tulis panjang2.. Gambar je pastu captions. Heheh. Missed u too..


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