Casual Saturday, Santai Gitu...

Assalamu'alaikum. Here I am at such odd hours still can't get myself to sleep, so I decided to process this entry that I've marinated since Saturday night. So I got to hang out with my lil' sister Ida over the weekend, which was absolutely awesome. Loads of girls' talks and gossiping involved over our cuppa coffees at Dome, KLCC. I couldn't be bothered to wrap any shawl that day so I just settled for the easiest and simplest instant hijab within reach and I was all good to go. I would've however considered a matching shawl if I were having my mens actually. But yeah, instant hijab would always do magic for quick ready-to-go look after praying at a busy mall, if you know what I meant. 

Anyways, we had such a lovely timeout that evening, Alhamdulillah... Precious! And very much bookworms we've been, the only shopping we did was at Kinokuniya's Book store! Hurmm.. That's our late dad's legacy of upbringing, really. 

KLCC was as packed as ever but we couldn't care less. When the final call by the Kinokuniya's staff made, we made our ways out to the LRT station heading home, calling it a day ourselves. Junior was literally jumping to grab his most awaited order from me, namely Auntie Anne's almond pretzels that he's always loved. Bliss...

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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