Juma'ah Barakah : One Heck of A Day

Assalamu'alaikum. It's officially Saturday now that it's passed midnight. How have you guys been doing? My day started very trying as early as 10 o'clock on Friday morning when I was about to leave the house to Subang Parade for an appointment. Mom wasn't well at all and thank God my brother Mie had already arrived from Rawang and by the time I was on the road he whatsapped me to decide to which hospital mom was supposed to be admitted. Mom asked him to wait for my decision before allowing her favorite clinical doctor to sign a referral letter. That settled, I had to make some arrangements via phone, Alhamdulillah for today's technology. There at Subang Parade I anxiously waited for the scheduled appointment at 11 and was about to call it off some 40 minutes later because my continuous calls were not answered. Thank God the person did finally show up and I had to exercise my best focus possible not to brush things off and let people down but I had to however excuse myself much earlier to catch mom at the hospital. 

Mom was on her 2nd nebuliser when I arrived and refused to eat anything despite the fact that it was already 1 o'clock something and she hadn't eaten anything. Think I would relent without a fight? Hurmm.. Not me. By the 3rd nebuliser I could finally make her smile and bite some bread and I excused myself to go to pray Zuhur with my sister, who had been there since 11am. When mom's condition was stabil at 4.17pm we finally went to have our lunch before praying Asar. By then my brother Apih had arrived from his audit duty at Melaka. We had a mini catching up at the cafeteria, which was a great help under such circumstance.

I was home before Maghrib and literally pengsan in my telekung right until Isyak. By then my sister Ida had to bring along my maid to accompany mom at the hospital tonight. Mom would be okay Insya Allah.. It's been 2 years since she had to be under this kind of situation, which means that she has improved a lot. Alhamdulillah. At least she could rest, I told her. 

You might wonder why I still had photos taken despite being under such circumstances, well that's called stress management. It's a good therapy to minimize unnecessary heart pumping, you should try it. Take a very good care of yourselves and have a wonderful weekend ahead !

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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