Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua-Bogor : Fauna Spotted.

Assalamu'alaikum. Finally this entry is open to public. The Q is up apparently. Well, let's begin with the view when bananas exchanged hands in the van. We stopped to buy bananas and carrots to feed the animals in the safari but of course we couldn't resist the sweet bananas to merely let the animals have them! Makan pisang dulu!!!

We were greeted first and foremost by the camels and llamas, what a superb sight it was! 

Talking about live experience, huh? Way better than watching the Animal Planet in 3 Dimensions, but of course! 

Junior was so thrilled feeding the animals as much as we were thrilled looking at the scene.

I mean, who would know those animals love carrots in the first place? I've always thought only rabbits eat them, now what a fool I've been. LOL.

Cozy dating place, I'd say. Would you not sit under such natural canopy and talk about everything and nothing at all? I'd even love to eat pisang goreng and sip hot tea or coffee in the evening there, jom be my date? 

And think giraffes wouldn't buldge for the carrots? 

Think again! But not the king and the queen, come on now..! 

The aura they brought, phewww...! 

The tigers seemed to spend a lot of time thinking and day dreaming there in the safari.

Their castles were quite something, don't you think?

Up above the rest, no less. Hurmm... 

The zebras and carrots: Zebrots. Hehehhehe.

We were surprised to see the crocodiles lived happily ever after together with the deers. I mean, would you not expect the former to at least try to hurt the latter? 

So we came to a conclusion that in the world of survival, sufficient food would make animals better friends with one another. It's no longer about kingdoms, it seems.

The nosy llamas were everywhere tailing the vehicles around.

Or should we say smart? I think hardworking would be better term. 

Man Jadda Wa Jada. Those Who Strive Would Succeed. But take a look at the big guy over there, don't you think he was being too complacent and taking things for granted? LOL.

Funny but true. Even the elephants were not that lazy. Not lazy one bit, in fact.

Well, there were loads of ongoing activities in the safari as well with separate entrance fees, of course. We just went to see the dolphins' and cowboy's shows.

It was raining then and mom couldn't stand the coldness, what more hilly roads. She got athma attacks after the dolphins' show.

And the sadness began. Families stick together, right? While climbing up to the place where the cowboys' show took place, my husband literally carried mom on his back, which brought tears to mom's eyes.

We didn't know that the place would need us to walk such hilly roads, seriously. We sure learned our lessons in a hard way but next time we know what to add in our travel checklist. We fall we learn, right? That's the beauty of life.

Apart from such hiccups, everything went well. It was a great place to visit, really.

If you're travelling to Indonesia this time of the year, please bring along jackets, umbrellas/rain ponchos with you. And if you're donning designer's handbangs, please ensure there's an extra pouch to protect them from the rain, if you know what I meant. Or else, you'd end up covering your handbags instead of yourselves. LOL.

There you go, friends. Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekdays ahead. Happy holidays in advance! Assalamu'alaikum.

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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