Makan-Makan Di Taman Safari Indonesia : Cisarua-Bogor

Assalamu'alaikum. The franchise of Jakarta-Bandung trip's entries continues today with the eatery place we visited at Taman Safari Indonesia, Cisarua - Bogor. And yeah, the entry about the safari itself will have to wait, now let's apply the Q'ing regulation sometimes, yes? Driving around such a humongous hectares of wild safari was fun but still you couldn't help feeling hungry when the time came. So, we checked ourselves in Rimba Restaurant in the safari area for lunch. 

It was raining and the scenery was cozy and very inviting. The food there was inevitably more expensive than the price you would get outside but then again, what would you expect from such tourist attraction? However, it was much more worthy the money as compared to those available in the Universal Studio, Singapore or Disneyland, Hong Kong ~ to compare the least.

We were very happy with the food there, to say the least. Those who chose Nasi Padang were satisfied with the taste just as much as those who chose Bakso.

For all we knew, the Bakso was superb and ze best ever in town!

We could still feel the frenzy crazy deliciousness in our tongues, can you believe it?

Even mom and MIL loved their food selections. Alhamdulillah...

And Junior? Well, he was more than happy to have his fried chicken and burger and fries.

The Safari Fried Chicken...

The festive deco was everywhere...

Christmas was around the corner, hence the tree.

So, the verdict? Hands down, baby! 

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. last year dekat2 christmas aku kat sana
    aku suka tgk deko christmas derang

    cantik2 belaka
    eh ko ni dah balik sini ke ada lagi kat sana?

    good to be there with the whole family

    1. Kan? Beriya deco dorang..
      Aku dah balik, dear. Lama2 duk tempat org mana betah.

  2. bakso klu tak pedas tak bakso la nama nye ;p hehehe...
    syokk nye jln2 dgn family semua ada kan..


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