Forever Seventeen

Assalamu'alaikum. May 2015 bring us joy and happiness, that's what we hope and pray for. It's January and things are looking up, despite the post-flood dilemma in the East-Coast. Life goes on, after all...

Last Tuesday I had a major blast meeting 4 of my high school friends at Ikea's Food Court, reason being we would wander about doing some shopping afterwards. Time flew like bullet train that day it seemed, to our dismay. What a wonderful destress session it was! 

When we were together, nothing else would matter. Only us.

Laughed like nobody's business, but of course!

We have been that way since teenagers, much to others' wonders. We were match made in Heaven, so Heaven Knows! 

It's been a while since all of us met, I mean ALL of us. Every single one of us. But due to time and place contraints, it wouldn't be easy to make it happen. 

One of us couldn't make it that day, despite the fact that she had confirmed her attendance in our closed whatsapp group the night earlier. And last night she gave birth to a baby girl, notice the cute foot above? 

Would find a time to visit her and her newborn, Insya Allah..

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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