Ikea's Algot System

Assalamu'alaikum. This time of the year I decided to carry on with the legacy of finding storage solutions and since loads of things have been duly resolved for the past year, there are more rooms to focus on inner wardrobes. Entered Ikea Secondary clothes storage. Let's see what I bought, shall we?

This Algot secondary drawer system was just what I needed and more, which left me smiling ever so broadly. Perfect in so many ways, including the below RM100 price. 

Except for one thing: The frame was a little 2 inches extra from the existing wardrobe's width, which meant that I couldn't place it vertically as it was supposed to be. So, I had no choice but to place it horizontally instead. This also meant that I ended up stacking the extra frame I had bought for my husband's wardrobe to cater for my clothes (now that I couldn't hang most of them due to lack of hanging space). 

So how on earth to access those clothes in such placement you might ask. Well, it's a simple trick, really. You just have to do a bit of extra work by opening up one stack and closing another below or vice versa. Not a big deal at all, right? Make do with whatever you have and be happy with it. No need to make a fuss out of everything, come on now..! ^_^

Lesson learned, even an inch does matter when it comes to measuring Ikea products because they don't normally fit into locally made wardrobes. I did measure before going off to buy the system but made some negligent decision along the way, so yeah, too bad.  

In a more positive note, I have most of my daily consumable clothes visible to choose without much hassle whatsoever. If you guys have ample space, you might as well go for Ikea's wardrobe itself so that the Algot system or any other secondary storage systems would fit into it very handsomely. And actually you could even make this Algot system as a primary storage rather than secondary, if you don't mind the possible dust and all, which again could be resolved with transparent cover enveloping it.

That's it for now, thanks for dropping by. Assalamu'alaikum.

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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