That Checkered Craziness O' Mine

Assalamu'alaikum. Long time no see! How have you guys been doing lately, by the way? How I've missed updating this humble blog of mine, really but what to do.. Loads of hindrance, let's just leave at that, shall we? Seems like I'm back to writing in English, huh? Well yeah, for this very post, at least. Nothing much to write actually, but anyhow let's go right into whatever in the plate, okay? 

Do you know I love checkered prints? You do now! Have got myself loads of checkered print skirts that I literally could wear different colors the entire week, can you believe it? That's how crazy I am, to say the least. I'm that kinda girl, you guys. When I love something I would burst. Hahahah. My bad. But never mind, nobody's getting hurt by that I promise. 

Just to share those 2 pieces I've been rocking the most.

Fancy them so far? Checkmate.

And I've asked my tailor to do exactly the same patterns for all of them!

Can't say I'm done. Not just yet. Second helping might not do any justice here. So, brace yourself. More will come your way! Guess my tailor will run laughing to the bank and I hide in between the shrinking wallet. Hehehe. 

There you go, friends. Just a quick post of nothing, really. Thanks anyways for dropping by. Off you go, have a nice week ahead! Assalamu'alaikum.

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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