Back To Basic With Blouse and Pants

Assalamu'alaikum. How are you guys? Hope you are all doing good, Inshaa Allah.
In my recent trip to Phuket, I felt like going back to the good old days when I was always dressed in blouse and pants. When I preferred pants to jeans. So I packed several matching blouses and pants together with separate hijabs. Other than advocating the basic ensemble, that had proven to be weight friendly, both to the luggage and the hands holding them. Here's one of them:

The hijab was a square one of 60 inches opening. I really had to exercise the ultimate patience while styling it. Wasn't a wise idea it turned out to be.. not suitable for the Phuket hot and dry weather. Loved what I saw, though. ^_^

There goes nothing from me. Thanks for reading. Until next entry, bye for now. 
Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Wsalam wbt my sweetie sis,

    Nnt buatlah tutorial pakai tudung, honestly I admire ur stlye! tapi ade anak kecik ni payoh ler sikit... teringin ;))

    1. Tuto tudung tu segan sket nak buat, hehehe... Tunggu seru dulu? ^_^ anak kalu daa tak tarik tudung, boleh je kita belit2 segala...

  2. back to the memory.. bad experience while i was in Phuket.. huuhh..


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