KL-Langkawi-Penang-KL ~ A Road Trip

Assalamu'alaikum. How was your weekend? Hope you guys had a good rest.
Mine was spent mostly in the car, literally speaking. We drove from KL after Isya' prayer all the way to Kuala Perlis Jetty, where we took a ferry to Langkawi Island. Our trip was the 8.15 a.m ferry, the tickets we got after 2 hours of queuing. The Jetty was ridiculously full with people. I slept all 60 minutes of the journey to Langkawi Island. Bliss..

We got lucky when we found a landlady whose homestay was still available at such a short notice.
D'rumah Warisan Homestay was such a cozy kampung-style place, as it turned out.
And we got it for a mere RM140 per night, which was da bomb good, just what we wanted and more.
Later I had been told that I could have gotten at least another 10 bucks cheaper had I asked for discount. But come to think of it, I'd rather not. Just because she was an angel, not necessarily that I had to play a devil. What goes around, comes around.. remember?  

We checked in after taking our breakfast at Pekan Kuah and caught our sleeps properly right until 12 p.m. or so. Then we drove around the island, round and round, enjoying the scenery.
Since we've been there so many times already, we didn't really bother to make an official visit anywhere in particular. Just the 'mandatory' ones, like chocolate hunting and gamat warehouse.

The next morning we checked out and wandered about Langkawi once more, before boarding our ferry at 4 pm and reached Kuala Perlis Jetty around 5 pm. Then we drove to Penang.
It was such a fun experience boarding the huge ferry across the Malacca Straits together with the car. 
I for once was put in quite a stress to find ways to the ferry terminal using google maps.
Thank God I found this blog: Reena's Online. But If were to choose, I would have just opted for sign board readings, you know what I mean? I hate maps... HELP....!

With my brother-in-law
I almost threw out when was 'forced' to find ways to get to Nasi Kandar Kapitan Keling a.k.a Nasi Kandar Beratur AND Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Thank God I had the chance to delegate the task to my brother-in-law.
Since the former opens daily at 10 pm, we went to the latter.
And by the time of which, I was totally hungry and dizzy. Of course contributed mostly by the map reading! As it turned out, I ate like a giant. Not that I loved the Nasi Kandar so much, but more due to earlier explanation. We drove back to KL after that, taking Penang Bridge this time. Equally great experience, actually.. both the ferry and the bridge. 

Well.. that was it. Truth be told, I'd rather eat Nasi Kandar at Pelita, Ampang.
Hurmmm... Thanks for reading, anyway. Until next time, bye for now.
Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.
Assalamu'alaikum. Peace No War....!


  1. KL - syurga shopping
    Langkawi - syurga alam
    Penang - syurga makanan!

    In love ketiga2nya ;)

    1. Kita kurang suka Penang... :) Lagi dua tu mmg terlebih suka.. ^_^

  2. As salam wbt Nai,

    Dear, dulukan my bos suka sgt mamam nasi kandaq! If we go to Penang for, almost every night he will ask us to accompany him mamam nasik kandaq...until one time bibir die bengkak sb makan kari manyak sangat kot! hehehe... Line clear mmg famous teringat tokey die dgn topi koboi & jgn marah I ckp ade tikus tembam lari bwh meja! hewhewhew...heaven! jilat jari... amma! *Baca sambil geleng kepala ok*

    Nak pergi Langkawi... teringat piza artisan & laksa kilo pasar malam hikhikhik ;))

    1. W'salam wbt.. Phewww.. Sebbaek i x nampak cik teeee hokeh!
      Next time try laa kot piza artisan & laksa kilo...

  3. Replies
    1. Best... Yg bagusnya kali ni, mmg jalan je, makan & tak shopping sgt. Jaaaaalan je.

  4. penang?????? food heaven ok!
    langkawi??????nak repeat pi sana! tapi ntah bila hehehehehehhe last pi sana was 2007, tapi stay sana seminggu! best gilak!

    1. Seminggu? Bior betol....! ^_^ best nye la Laksa kat Airport Pdg Matsirat tu, weh... Mandrem dia memanggil2 tiap thn... Serooooooooooo....!


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