Batik Day ~ Orange Kurung Loves Purple Hijab

Thursday is the official day for batik attires in Malaysia, especially for government servants. Being in private sector, I'm not subject to such requirement.
But last Thursday I felt like wearing my orange Kurung Pahang batik, without really connecting to the batik day in the first place. A plain coincidence it was, actually.

Got a few appointments that day, felt this pang of feminine sparks one way or another. Quite contrary to the previous times, I paired the orange batik with two tone purple syria hijab. Color blocking, eh?
Kinda loved the outcome. My face was actually reddish that day, after the cinnamon herbs mask and rock salt scrub I wrote about earlier here. But it didn't show in the picture, too bad.

There goes nothing from me, really. Thanks for keep coming back, dear friends.. appreciate it so much. Until next time, Assalamu'alaikum.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


  1. batik is always nice on my eyes, but it doesnt look nice on me tough....i dont like the fabric from sutera, difficult to maintain sutera!
    i prefer something like cotton, easy to handle, and suits me more!

    1. Then may be u should try crepe silk? Easier to maintain.. :)


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