Shila Hamzah, Zheng Fu and Print Turban.

Salam. I never liked Shila Hamzah until I came across her videos in playing guitar and doing covers of latest hit songs. I for once fell in love with her. Then she did a marvelous job in the Asian Wave 2012, which sent me shivers right up to the bones. And how pretty she's become in my eyes now that she's beautifully covered as a Muslim lady. 

Of all the songs that she sang in the Asian Wave 2012, Zheng Fu by Na Ying really caught my heart. The way Shila performed the song gave me a weird feeling of sadness, regardless of the fact that I didn't understand a word of what she was saying. Recently there's a version of that very performance with English translation. Then again, I believe there's more soul to the song than the translation will be able to illustrate, looking at Shila's interpretation of the same. 

My son knows more Mandarin than I do, good for him. I've been finding my own time to have some grasp on the language as well, just not the right time yet, I guess.
Anyways, here's how lovely Shila was:

Always feel like crying every time I see this video. She must have understood the lyrics so much to be able to deliver such an outstanding performance. Apart from that, she has brought turban to another level here in Malaysia. Even I started to wear it, with my own modification and interpretation, though.. *wink.
And she has also inspired lots of Malaysians to master foreign languages other than English.
Moreover, she has proved that covering your auraah is not a hindrance in any way whatsoever to be living your dreams. That if you respect yourself and your religion, others will learn to respect you and your religion just the same.

Proud of her. Hope she'll be doing much better in years to come.


  1. hebakknye nyanyi lagu chine lai lai lai..hehe

  2. Kan??
    Kak su pun baru je minat Sheila Hamzah ni...
    Orgnya ramah...bapaknya pun ramah.
    Kak su jumpa in person masa jelajah AJL tahun lepas...
    Ngandung Allieya masa tu...

  3. do show us your modification for your turban.....she sing with soul!

    1. Yes, she does... My turban style? heheeh

  4. sejak bertudung makin comey budak nih..
    suara pun sedap.
    boyfren pun hensem eh? tihehe..

    1. Makin gojes... Kababooom! Hehehe. BF dia? Hurm.. Yeah, not bad either.


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