Friendship Forever

Assalamu'alaikum. Here's a wonderful quote I snapped at a tube station not so long ago:

Very true in every possible sense, I fell in love with the statement at first sight. Lots of people can relate to it, in fact. Like, how many of us have fallen in love with someone we never met in person? Words can get to you like nothing ever can, if put in a right way. That's why I guess my friends and relatives ended up marrying the persons they had been chatting online with day in day out. Within my circle of best buddies back in uni, I was the only one who didn't have a wedding toll the same way (the chatting way). 

For beauty will subside, good looks will evaporate in time. Physical attractions will be lessened just the same, as time goes by. So, what's left will be ultimate companionship.. Where and when you can talk and laugh and be there for each other. In the end, it's all about (cornflakes? Naaah...). In the end, it's all about being friends with the one that matters most to you, for the rest of your life. So, do become friends with your spouse for friendship never dies. 

With that, I sign off. Take a very good care of yourselves coz I love you so. Thanks for dropping by. Much love, Nai. Assalamu'alaikum.

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  1. Ya Allah nai....have been you sneaking into my mind? Semenjak dua menjak ni akak serabut sikit...baca your post ni baru la i tersedar...for me lah
    Thanks sis...for your thought that can clear up my cloudy mind....:)

  2. mmg jadi kawan pun skrg...kawan gaduh......hahaaa

    1. Bagus... Gaduh tu biasa... Hehehe. Baru betul2 kawan..

  3. zaman skrg susah nk cari kawan yg "betul2" kawan...tapi sy srnok dpt jumpa kwan mcm kak nai n kak rin ;) bezt sgttt...

    1. Besok bila daa kawen dgn cinta hati, awak berkawan dan jd la kawan yg best dgn dia..


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