Tasha Manshahar & Syed Syamim ~ Love You Both!

Assalamu'alaikum. Hi there, dearest... Hope you guys are doing great out there.
Lately I've been listening back to back to various you.tube videos of two very talented young artists from Malaysia. Yeah, I'm officially a fan of both Tasha Manshahar & Syed Syamim. They are both so sweet in their own ways and make such a cute couple or duo, howsoever they wish to name it. ^_^

One of the most lingering to me is a cover of the late Broery Marantika's Biarlah Bulan Bicara by Syed Syamim. I was like repeating it forever, yeah kinda, the first time I stumbled upon it. Here's the video:

And there's a single by Tasha called 'Cuba Teka' (Take A Guess, literally defined). I just can't get enough of it, really. 

Some might say that she's Yuna's copycat, but I beg to differ. Thing is, Yuna has inspired loads and loads of Malaysians (hijabis, especially) in such a way that spells out resemblance, if not cliche. That is settled. But calling Tasha a copycat is  arguable. She's got her own way and style, which separate her from that of Yuna. At least that's from my humble opinion. It's a free network and let's agree to disagree.. ^_^

Perhaps you guys out there can't get it why Malaysian girls, despite wearing hijabs DO sing and become singers. But that's how we are, you know. I don't sing (in public) and not a singer myself, but I follow music very closely... have been doing it forever. 

Anyways, do come over. Visit us in Malaysia. See the colors of our people. Then you're gonna get it. Meanwhile, I've gotta catch some sleep. You take care and see you later. Assalamu'alaikum.

Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. As salam my sis yang comel,

    Our people always brilliant & talented... extremely kind & easily being fooled by others too...hiks...

    1. W'salam sis yg manis.. Very much so, yeah.. ^_^


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