From Temerloh to Italy

Assalamu'alaikum. Excuse the title, quite an exaggeration. ^_^ The following pictures were taken in Temerloh, a day before the General Election took place. It was a pit stop before driving off to my in-laws in Kuantan. What was I doing there?

Hunting for Ikan Patin and Talapia. Yeay..! Even though I'm no longer a die-hard fan of patin, I still love deep-fried talapia. Yummeh...! Look at the stall.. Very basic with capital B. Don't get fooled by its humble looks, dearest! The income is considerably competitive by all means.

Fresh from Sungai Pahang.. 

And well, no matter how far I go, Temerloh will be in my heart forever. Even if one day I end up in Italy, for an instance. From Temerloh I come, to Temerloh I return. Peace, y'all...! 

There goes nothing, thanks anyway for dropping by. Love you all for that. Much love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. eh ehhh.....
    pic dh besauu lah........heheee...i loikee
    wahh ikna sungai...dapnyaa.....

    1. Besau sebab guna Blogger, bukan Blogpress..
      Ikan sungai x byk iodin.. Tp sedap!
      Byk tulangnya, espc talapia. Goreng rangup2.. Sodappppp!

  2. talapia panggang cicah air asam pun sedap!

  3. Patin tempoyak awesome! Last pic, tought of doing gwiyomi. Hahaha

    1. Awesome! Heheh.. Kalu aku buat Gwiyomi, memang kena kutuk kaw2 dgn mamat kat rumah tu.. Ngeee...!

  4. walking here..singgah r blog sy gak kat tgk bunga2 cantik mekar dlm cara berbeza ssuai utk deko umah anda atau wat yg tersyg....

    1. Hi, dear nur. Terima kasih sudi jalan2 kat sini wpun xde bunga.. ^_^ nanti kita jalan2 tgk bunga kat blog awak, ya..


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