A Group of Monochrome Gals

Assalamu'alaikum. Last two weeks there was a convention of syari'e counsels held in the Residence Hotel @ Uniten, Bangi. Things were so compact and complex that I had to arrange for a cab to send me to Jalan Duta very early in the morning and wait for me there while I was attending clients, before speeding up to Bangi for the convention. It cost me about RM50++ but loads of peace of mind, so I couldn't really say it wasn't worthwhile. I really had intended to catch up with some friends there and make an early way out for I had to immediately manage things at home afterwards - gotta balik kampung for tahlil.

Anyways, it was da bomb to gather in a place where you could see hundreds of hijabis clad in monochrome outfits. LOL. It would have been greater had I stayed longer and met more old friends but yeah, you can't get everything you want the way you really really want all the time, right? So, be glad, Nai.. Be Glad..! Alhamdulillah.

Pictures: My two old friends and I with our chosen monochrome OOTDs.

It was considered too expensive to just gather for a while and then leave actually, but heck, friendship means the world to me. 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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