Hari Pasar Sedunia - Saturday's Summary

Assalamu'alaikum. My day began very early yesterday, despite being Saturday. The venue was at the nearby Pasar Tani, restocking our supplies of fish for the whole month or so. My other half had earlier on left to get some lambs at Sungai Tua. And for the record, he had been the one who would always go to the Pasar Tani every month ALONE before this. With this yet-to-end water retention time, my mood swing(s) didn't get much remedies when I had to cook alone at home while Bibik and mom continued their Hajj induction course at the mosque. Who says being ikhlas is easy? Nobody, right? But that's life. 

Anyways, the picture attached herewith was taken at night, yes, different pasar altogether - night market this time. Since both Bibik and I were given divine exemption of the month from praying, an exemption called PMS, we proceeded to AEON at 7pm for groceries hunt, restocking the supplies of what, 2 weeks, perhaps? A trolley full and laden with things would last less than a month in my regime, that is. After securing the entire bunch into the car boots, we walked to the neighboring night market for yet another supplies hunt - fresh veggies, onions, gingers, garlics, chillies, their brothers and sisters, cousins and relatives. Or as the Terengganu peeps dub it - "Gajoh Ghima".

You know, some wives prefer to wait for their husbands to do groceries so that they would have assistance when it comes to carrying things, at the very least. I wish I fall into such category but my life is different, but not that different from my sets of friends, which makes it normal in my eyes.  We can't afford to wait around for that sure means fatal to the suffice of supplies at home. There are loads others out there who would relate to our situations, really. And mind you, some just have to do everything on their own, EVERYTHING, without any help from ANYBODY whatsoever. Like I most of the time didn't get to drag Bibik along to help me with groceries hunt for I would just sneak out to do it myself in between my scheduled appointments. Point is, we modern wives have become so freaking independent that it hurts not to get recognized or appreciated adequately by those who matter. 

Well, there goes a little desperation note from me. Hehehe. Thanks for coming. Take care! Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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