Me and Nasi Dagang, We Have A Thing Going On..

Assalamu'alaikum. So, as per the title, that's how things are between nasi dagang (Terengganu style) and I. Simply put, I purely have been in love with it since time immemorial and in fact that's what I missed Terengganu the most, among others. As for preference, you might want to consider trying Nasi Dagang at Primula Beach Hotel, Bayu Restaurant to be exact. That's by far one of the most delicious and authentic Nasi Dagang in Kuala Terengganu from my point of view. The taste will linger forever, I may add. I however don't have any picture taken for each time I had the opportunity to lay my hands on it, I tend to forget anything or anyone else around. LOL. Hence, here are two candid pictures of how oblivious I was to my surrounding when I ate Nasi Dagang. 

Absolute focus. Only my Nasi Dagang and I. Hurmmm... Yummeh!! 

Pretty obvious, eh? ^_^ And oh my! How I wish  I could fly to Terengganu now! 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. i miss nasi dagang !! kat KL ni susah nk jumpa nak betul2 sedap :(

    1. Mak akak buat pon sedap.. Tp dia x sihat nak buat. Akak buat x sama... Huwaaaa...!

  2. ngidamm ni....mlm ni pun boleh drive ke terangganu tu...hihihi

  3. dulu tak pandai makan..tapi la ni mmng sedap baq hang! hihihi....

  4. ko tau tak
    last week aku ke kemaman
    sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaa nasi dagang
    menatang laut celup tepung
    kepok leko
    lemang kat kijal
    heavennya hidup 3 hari kat sana
    jeles tak ngan aku?


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