Hey Ladies, Bercinta Biar Pakai Iman

Assalamu'alaikum. Hi there, ladies (and gents, if any). Juma'ah Barakah to all of you. Pardon the caption, nothing more than a phrase that came across my mind while uploading some pictures in the IG beforehand. 

You know, I'm a strong believer in good parenting knowledge if not skills. Here's a self-explanatory picture collage that's worth sharing. Nobody ever told me that I had a nice smile so I never ever smiled back then. All I got to know was how smart I was, yes but never anything positive about the way I looked. And to make it worse, I got this forever comparison and contrast thingy with my closest cousin, which was detrimental to both of us. Only to her was the lack of confidence in terms of brain-wise. I guess that explained my interest in joining peers counseling club the moment I set foot in the Uni. I wanted to understand myself and unwind the unexplainable sorrow deep in my soul, which turned out to be a wise decision of a young me. 

I learned a great deal about the power of self acceptance and acknowlegment and the beauty of spreading them to those around me. I learned that I could be really happy to let others accept and acknowledge their own individual beauties within themselves. That had led me to pursuing into parenting knowledge and skills almost immediately, knowing that I wouldn't want not to give the best childhood within my means to my unborn children. 

So, ladies, let us equip ourselves with great imaan and knowledge so that together we could raise great caliphs in the name of Allah swt.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je. 


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