Saturday & Sunday : Fun Days

Assalamu'alaikum. It's been extremely hot lately in Klang Valley and please drink loads of plain water, ya..! I don't normally take ice but to my own detriment, I can't beat the humid weather nor the cravings for iced drinks. Hence, sore throat and headaches came along my way. Padan muka aku! 

Anyways, Saturday evening my sister was an angel to treat my hubby and I for a great teatime at her favorite hangout, Miss Ellie Teahouse, Jalan H3 Taman Melawati. Not exactly my cuppa tea, to be frank but then again, nothing compares to those loved ones' company. 

I heard they have this prestige of the best scones in town and that you would have to preorder on weekend to secure your portions intact. And since we just ambushed without calling at 5pm, we didn't get to lay our nose on any scones of theirs, damn! 😜💥

I really loved their Irish Breakfast tea, can't shake the taste off me tounge just yet. Sedapnya lahai..! Gotta repeat for another pot, not to mention the allegedly best scones in town! Care to join me? 

Then my hubby and I went to watch Kingsman (for the 2nd time), gila tak? I was surprised actually because never before this fella ever wanted to repeat any movie at cinemas. Only this time we took the Atmos D-Box as compared to merely Atmos' seat the first time around.

What a movie! Can't get over Eggsy, really. ;) 

Sunday was even better, even though I was having severe headaches due to the global warming. We went to have our favorite scoops of Baskin Robbin's ice-cream to ease the sore throat, but of course. Then we went to get myself a new gadget for my always challenging career. 

Selfie jugak sakit kepala pun. Tak Pe Je... ^^

Then back at home we buried ourselves with the most delicious curry puff with fish fillings. Gila sedap baq hanggg! 

Yet still my headache didn't quite leave me alone, adeh! Right until now. Never mind, life must go on and on my life shall go. Do take care, peeps. Peace!


~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. sedap gila bak ang
    bak sket

    scones tu nampak sedap betul

    tgk movie 2 kali
    lama dah aku tak terjebak ngan peristiwa camni

    1. Len kali aku order lebih ya... Aritu balik cuti CNY hasben order 100 pcs sekejap je abis!
      Tu la.. Aku tak suka nak buat keja tgk movie 2 kali dah lps nih..


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