Sunday Fish Fiesta With A Lazy Mom

Assalamu'alaikum. It's Monday and who cares about the blues? Let's just update our blogs with what really matters, shall we? Only this time please bear with my amateur home videos of food fiesta, short ones, though. Yesterday I felt like playing with fish, but being lazy as usual, I only made two dishes: Ikan Kari (fish curry) and Ikan Panggang Daun Pisang (Grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves). 

There, you can hear quite a stir in the background, right? That was the other dish on the making simultaneously, my ikan panggang daun pisang. If only I could upload here its smell, it would be so nice!

The secret recipe marinate from my own good self, finger licking good! Yeah, berlagak mesti mau lebih, kan? It's been ages since I last prepared my own marinating sauce I almost forgot how good it was to actually get my face burnt with the aroma and spices. The exotic smell of banana leaves only added to the dreamy world, really. Never got tired of authentic Malay recipe, now you can't blame me for being orang kampung! And notice the fully utilised pan of mine? Hahah, do excuse me! My fave pan for a quarter century, so to speak. Gotta show your pan some love, oh come on now!

Okay, it's a week away for another presence of this lazy mom at the humble kitchen of mine. *Sigh* Actually I've been seriously back-logged with the tight budget to get a more proper device called 4-burner oven or whatever you call it. I have placed some deposit last year but still can't squeeze in to fully settle it together with some decent hob and what not. This moving into new house thing has really brought me to the knees, but let's just focus on counting the blessings now, Nai?!

And still the news on TV insist that the economy is doing just great. Very cute!

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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