Hong Kong City Tour - A Shortcut Trip

Assalamu'alaikum. This time let's talk about Hong Kong City Tour, shall we? We took this 4D3N deal from MAS promotion in the internet, which included the airport transfer to - from the hotel, one deluxe room in the (Kowloon) Regal Oriental Hotel, one day city tour and Disneyland package - altogether ka-chinged the debit card of MYR2k+++ when we could have gotten less than MYR2k had we clicked the purchase button a few days earlier. Yeah, in the internet a few days delay does give a major difference. Lessons learned, of course.. But heck, we didn't have enough budget that few earlier days! ^_^ 

Anyways, one of the itineraries was a city tour, which was a shortcut here and there as per the Hong Kong tourist agent in charge, Terry's sole discretion. The coach we were in transported three families including us, two of whom were from the Philipines. Terry's English was thankfully fluent enough to make us understand the gists of what he was saying. He brought us to the oldest jewellery shop in Hong Kong where you can buy anything with money, if you know what I mean. The silver magnetic bracelets and gold lucky charms are worth the buy, though. Other than that, I won't recommend anything much unless of course your purse and/or credit card limits are gorgeous. 

We were then driven off to the Victoria Harbour waterfront where we could snap some pictures at the Golden Bauhinia Square, a significant monument for the handover of Hong Kong from the British to the Mainland China Government. I wasn't really crazy of the monument though, due to the extreme heat especially. But the harbour was a babe so I was a willing victim to capture loads and loads of pictures there. Even Junior was up to the moon, in fact.

Next we went for a ride on a local fisherman's boat-turned-taxi to witness the fishermen's village and the obvious double standard yacths parked alongside the harbour at the other end. Rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer. Argh! And yes, the local fishermen had got to renovate and/or modify their boats into tourist taxis because they could no longer compete with the mainland fishermen who started to flock the islands and sell fish at much cheaper rates. At least that was what I had been told. Hence, the forced half smiles of mine.

Enough of the mentally pressing moment, ya? Then we were driven up to the central part of the famous Victoria's Peak where again we snapped a few tons more pictures. The tour didn't include the peak itself, mind you. That you've gotta arrange for yourself, which we apparently had done so earlier the night before. The other two families would have to make it themselves some other day, I guess, if they wanted to. I wasn't that crazy of the view there for I'd seen much better right at the peak but was glad nonetheless for I could actually go to the washroom! ^_^

That was the end of the city tour, where later on we dismounted the bus at the Lochhart Road area for lunch at this HALAL Indian/Middle Eastern superb restaurant called Ebeneezers. We ordered chicken kebabs, chicken briyani, pizza and Coke and paid HKD200 something including the 10% dining-in service tax. Pergh..! 

But that night at the hotel we cooked rice and some Malay cuisine, what to do.. Orang kampung! 

That's it for now, dearest.. Thanks for dropping by. Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. ehhhhh nape muka cik abg syg jadi camtu....hik3

    1. Dia pon tanya soklan yg sama. I nak jawab menda yg sama: Tak Pe Je...! ^_^

  2. hahhahahhaha kesian laki ko nai, abis ko make up sana sini
    seb bek dpt yang fluent english, kalau tak mcm ayam itik la wei
    disneyland story please!

    1. Disneyland story dah post, babe!
      Ha'ah.. Make up suka-suki tuan punya blog je ehh? Hehehhe. Rasakan..

  3. wahhh...bestnye pegi hong kong !! btw..sana ok tak kalau nak pegi holiday?

    1. Ok, dear... Akak suka sebab duit kita mahal sket, mcm org Kota Singa turun KL la lebih kurang.. Makan-minum mahal tapi kasut2 sport yg branded semer latest model, xde kat KL & jauh lebih murah sebab currency exchange. Tapi jgn pegi masa summer mcm akak pegi.. Panas!


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