Satin Shawl, Saree Traditional Kurung & Dinner In Cyberjaya

Assalamu'alaikum. I juz got myself a few satin long shawls from Nadia Hijabs and immediately wore one of them for dinner more than five hours ago. We went to Tuan Haji Shahrin Low's Cyberjaya branch which served us superb Chinese Muslim cuisine. I personally prefer his Ampang branch actually but the one in Cyberjaya is of equivalent standard (didn't have any pictures of the food, sorry..!)  And I had a blast with the dinner attendees, which mattered most.

Yeah, I did wear a traditional baju kurung on purpose, especially with the dark olive satin shaƔl in my possession. The kurung, which was from saree has remained to be one of my beloved attire collections that I tend to wear for special occasions (like this one). I wish I had taken loads of solo pictures but yeah, I had been so busy talking and gossiping and catching up things with my dearest friends that it just didn't happen somehow.

But at least we did take group pictures, right? Hence, this entry. ^_^ The three of us had meant to meet over a cup of coffee or two for quite some time now but our times are yet to match one another. Not just yet, that is. Hopefully sooner than later, Insya Allah.

One thing for sure, though: I will definitely get myself more colors of this long satin shawl. Positive.


That's it for now, thanks a bunch for dropping by. Enjoy your weekend, dearest! Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. cantiklah satin shawl tu..bidang besar tak? sis beli kat mana yer?

    1. Price : RM35 (excluding poslaju)
      Material : Dubai Silk. (Super soft & Glossy Surface)
      Measurement : 0.56meter (width) + 2.0meter (long)
      .. Nadia Hijabs, sis..

  2. sari tu cantik giler la.... klu sy guna satin shawl tu mau la telucut saje ;) tak pandai nak guna -_-'

    1. Pinkan sana sini xde nak terlucut, dear..! Heheh. Saree mcm tu dah susah nak jumpa skrg. Kalu ada, akak pon nak beli lg.. :(


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