Roaming Hong Kong Disneyland In Summer

Assalamu'alaikum. Perhaps it wasn't quite a good idea to visit Hong Kong early September for the summer would normally shift the air mid-September. However, since that was the only free date that suited our calendar, we didn't have much choice to begin with. We had a good time, though despite the heat especially in the Disneyland Resort. It was very challenging for a hijabi like me to be roaming such an enormous wonderland in such a humid and dry weather, I'm sure you can relate to that. Anyhow, as I said earlier we had a good time and for Junior, he had a blast!

We had bought four Halal food coupons from our tourist guide, Terry at HKD60 each, which was da bomb cheaper than what you could get inside the wonderland. We were the first customers apparently and had to wait 15 minutes for the restaurant would only open their meals business at 12pm sharp, no less. After savouring the most awaited lunch, we began our journey by taking a brief raft transfer to Tarzan's Treehouse.

Do you notice the lady in summer dress? Heck yeah, she must have thought I was crazy for 'blanketing' myself with hijab and all. Hehehe. Never mind, I still could smile under the sun and couldn't wait to get to the nearest shop at the halal restaurant to get myself a cute cap. But Tarzan's treehouse was a blessing for the trees had somewhat given me some fresh air and wind. Yet still I had to roll my sleeves up to the elbow, thank God for the arms socks. 

It doesn't take a genius to spot how happy we were, the kid and his hijabi mom. All smiles, eh? That's what the kids in adults' hearts do, you see.. But once exposed to the sun again while boarding the brief raft transfer, my frown returned. ^_^ 

Then I got myself a good cap the first thing after that - pink, no less. Hahaha. Cuteness ruled! Still the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, though. 

When you go to a theme park with not so grown-ups, you have got to go into loads and loads of spinning rides, you know what I mean? Heck yeah, hence the UFO round and round that spinned my jolly good head regardless of how cute the pink cap looked. Urgh! 

So I chose to just sit and switched on my Mobile Data and roamed the internet instead, while waiting for Junior and his dad spinning around some more on yet another ride. See the empty chairs around? Well, they were occupied mostly by elderlies in front of me and I was the only not so elderly woman, not to mention the only hijabi wearing pink cap! Hehehe. 

I was still dizzy when it was time for a boat ride but then again, who goes to Disneyland to just sit and watch the crowd, right? It turned out to be one good jolly boat ride, so yeah.. Alhamdulillah. 

Oh, ya! How about solat, have you wondered? Gotta be patient and search for a good spot to do our solat in such a place. We found ours at the back of the castle and in between a quite hidden cafe but of course never expect a carpeted prayer room. We invited a few curious stare from the restaurant workers and passers by but we didn't care a bit. So long as we could do solat jamak zuhr and asr..

Then we went to snap some more pictures and to Junior’s dismay, the last train had just departed when we reached the station. We climbed the stairs, though just to snap a few other pictures there while waiting for the firework show.

It was so magical, really. Spectacular view coupled with the beautiful love song, A Whole New World embracing the air. I felt so torn between the child in me and my grown-up body! Definitely a night to remember, no doubt.

Especially for this young man...

Then, finally it was time to go after more than 8 hours in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Junior kept thinking out loud about the missed last train but I taught him a wise lesson that God had given every other thing that he had asked for, so how about counting the blessings instead of focusing on the negative thing? He nodded and seemed to understand. Well, I hope he did.

There you go, that's it for now. Pheww..! What a long entry! Thanks anyway for dropping by. Love you all dearly...! Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Posted With Loads and Loads of Love By Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. best nye kak...ramai yg ckp best kn kt sana..penuh alam fantasi! hihihi...

    1. Ada gak yg kata tak cukup besar, tak berbaloi dgn tiket yg mahal. Akak rasa okay je.. Tu pon x abes semua nak dicuba..

  2. As salam sis

    Wahhhhhhh... Holiday in HK! Que buenisimo! :)

    Insha'Allah, we'll be back soon..! Legoland & Singapore universal studios are on our list! hehehe :))


    You look slimmer & radiant! Any secret to share?? hikhik

    1. Wsalam dear..! Do buzz when you're in KL, ya! Legoland and USS would be a good start, of course! I've been taking supplements, dear.. That I'd share later. Hehehe. Can't wait to see you and Chu-Ha and her brother!


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