The Memory Remains, dear James...

Assalamu'alaikum. You know what? I did attend the Metallica's Concert in Kuala Lumpur last month and was the only one who wore pink that night among those in blacks. Hahaha. Never mind, so long as I was also "the Metallica family", as ever so handsome James Hetfied put it that night. It would have been different had the phenomenal metal band come 10 years ago when I wore black on daily basis. But seriously, I was amazed at mere idea of seeing James, Kirk and Lars live on stage that I literally felt numb and dumbstruck, unblinkingly stared at James and James alone! But Jason was not around so it felt a little bit weird, at least to me.

And my being there was too much not to stir up the memories that have always been very much alive deep inside my heart. It was very bitter-sweet especially when they played Wherever I May Roam, Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters. It was so pressing emotionally that I had to close my eyes and hide within my own soul. Only to be all awake by the sound system, of course. It was a rock concert, after all..! 

The glimpse of James was so haunting.. Lasted days afterwards, in fact. And because of that I dialled one particular number that I held myself against dialling for quite some time. I owed that much to myself, so I thought.

Anyways, it was just like a festival that night with so many people inside the Merdeka Stadium and even more so outside. Traffic jam was not even a question anymore.

There you go, girl.. Clad in office attire. Who cares? ^_^ 

No one did. They all went to see and feel Metallica. Nothing else did even matter. 

Here's a picture of my baby sister, who apparently is no longer a baby. No! No! No! 

If it wasn't because of her, I don't think I would go there in the first place. She was the one who made the effort to Q in Bukit Bintang for almost three hours to get the tickets. And she didn't have anybody else to go with now that she's single again. Any takers? I've got her numbers, you know..! ^_^

Well, gotta catch some sleep. You take care and thanks for dropping by. Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Posted With Loads of Love By Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. hubby musti jeles kalo dia tgk entry ni....frust dia x dpt gi...tapi x leh komplen sbb x kuat semangat utk beratur berjam2 utk beli tiket...huhu...

    ppsst...dial no sapa tu haa? jeng jeng jenggg.....

    1. Kalu pegi awal pagi, xde la lama sgt Q.. Dlm 2 jam setengah 'JE' pon.. Takpe je! Hahahah.
      Nombor pizza hut. 1300 88 25 25... Hehehe

  2. huihhh..mmng ramai yg jelez la...bleh dpt tgok live tu!

    1. Tapi xde la dkt dgn stage. Sampai dah dkt kul 9pm. Lps bukak puasa & solat maghrib baru turun. Tempat sebenar dah padat, kena la merempat duk jauh.. ^_^


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