Sepetang Di Delicious Dua Residency

Assalamu'alaikum. It's been a while since I last went to Delicious Dua Residency, Ampang and never once that I ever drove there myself. Until last week, that is. I drove there with my sister right by my side and together we braved the crazy evening traffic jam from Jelatek to Ampang - Ulu Klang Elevated Highway and later on smoothed the car out of the jam via KLCC exit. Thanks to my sister's good navigation gadget, we managed to get there using the magnificent shortcut ever. Alhamdulillah. 

I took hot cafe latte + wrapped chicken salad + red velvet cake. I was up to the moon, really to be having my fave food and spending quality time with my beloved sister in the first place. She on the other hand was much happier, it seemed. Should do this more often, yep.

And she herself chose smoked salmon with lemon and ice cream yogurt. Not bad combination of choices, eh? And it's obvious to see how happy she was in these pictures, take a look:-

So, yeah.. It's gonna be quite tough to be doing this when she starts working fulltime again. Happy for her, though and I pray her every blissful day ahead. Ameeen.

That's it for now, dearest... Thanks for dropping by. Till then, assalamu'alaikum.

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  1. beshhnya ada adik badek...leh hang out mcm ni........huhuhu..

    delicous tu tempatnya sgt cozy dan romantik skit kan...aduss...kena gi nih!

  2. best kan hang out ngan muka len la tak sama tau
    aku selalu gak hang out makan2 ngan adik, borak2 best gilak!
    seb bek sekepala, lagi la best!

    1. Adik beradik aku muka lain2.. Aku, yg ke-3 dan yg bongsu ada iras. Yg pmpuan ni ada iras dgn adik no. 2.


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