Long Satin Shawls ~ A Personal Review

Assalamu'alaikum. It's been awhile since I last fell in love with hijabs, really really seriously in love, I mean. Until these long satin shawls from Nadia Hijabs came into my life. ^_^  I practically wanna have all colors available except for black, coz I've got too many black hijabs under my bed in my closet in my head! 

Anyways, these beauties are measured 0.56 metre wide and 2.0 metre long (giving you necessary coverage), of Dubai silky satin. Unlike most satin materials, they are not over shiny and less 'slippery' and hence, makes them very easily wearable without much mess whatsoever. They won't fall off your head all of the sudden, so afraid not, dearest..! And at Nadia Hijabs, they are worth MYR35 each exclusive postage. Bargain at your risk, ya.. LOL. Among others, they are of the following colors:

They come in quite a number of intoxicating colors to begin with, so behold dear friends! You might just end up melt under your own preference just like I did. Argh! 

Check out Nadia's cozy facebook for better view...

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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