An Open Vow To Dearest You

My love,

More than a decade ago, I agreed to sail a ship with you. Nobody said it was going to be easy, neither did we promise not to stumble and fall. As I stood there not knowing what future held for us, I never failed to entrust my faith in our Creator. That He would lead us the way. That we would do just fine, come rain come shine. 

Looking back, boy, I've had my share of losings! But yeah, life has made us humanely sane, right to the very core. I'm still a bride at heart, just twice as much a little scarred and wiser, as much as you otherwise are a nurtured groom.

We've had our ups and downs, countless  joys and sorrows. As much as we're sometimes afraid of tomorrow, we've got each other and that has helped a lot, really. In this yet another turbulent year of challenges, let's not forget God's promise, "With Every Difficulty, There's A Relief". See, even He never promised life would be easy, when instead He soothed us with an assurance that for every hardship there would be ease. 

Let's not focus on the closed doors, when they're not even locked in the first place. So what if we can't find the keys, when we can get a locksmith out there? I'll walk by your side the way I've been doing all these years, Insya Allah. Let's just love like there's no tomorrow, because saying I love you's has become an under-statement. 

With all heart and soul, Happy Anniversary!

From the chamber of yours truly,

30th day of May, 2016.


  1. happy anniversary beb!
    moga bahagia sampai syurga.

    eh cantik!

    1. Thanks, beb.
      Happy anniversary to you too!
      Eh, muda2 biasa la... *wink


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