The Power of Love

Assalamu'alaikum. Boys always seem not to crave for much attention as compared to girls, right? Wrong. Don't get fooled, you guys, because they might be crying inside, thinking they're no longer loved. The difference is that we have to make the first move, go and knock on their doors and well, be with them while they're watching indie animation channels or some you tubers playing minecrafts. At least that's how I approach my son, I wonder how tough it's gonna get soon when he's in secondary school! 

As much as I'm aching for another child, I can't even begin to imagine how lonely my son must have been all these years for not having any siblings to play with.  I guess I've come to terms with myself now and started to chill more around the only child that I have. 

He's such a good sport, and we share loads of mutual interests by far, taking selfies is one of them, much to his dad's 'delight'. I've been struggling, though, not to strangle him for being too 'focused' in games and staff but then again, that's part of the challenges parents have got to deal with kids in this uber generation. 

With two major examinations coming his way this year, I've got to really get hold of my stress and anger management so as not go get him killed one of these days, if you know what I mean. I might not put him under any pressure or expectation to get straight A's in any way possible, but that doesn't mean that I would not try to at least get him to appreciate his potentials either. 

My mom doesn't get it, but I don't blame her. She's always into results thingy, which explains why I turned out to be who I am now with my own kid. I refused to be doing the same thing to him, despite all the disapproval I've got from her. Thank God my spouse understood this from the early stage, that he was a bit tensed looking at how I've been grooming our son since the school holiday started last two weeks. 

Well, by now Junior has seen what he's capable of doing, thanks to the 'hardcore' exercises mummy, he once said. In three day's time he's going to have his first sitting of the Junior School Leaving Assessment. I have done my part and it's up to him now. 

It's crazy but I only started to step in with my regime within less than 2 weeks before the exam! But he knew fully well it was going to happen, anyways, for I have told him every now and then since the last two years: that I would let him play and wouldn't flinch at poor results until the right time comes.

When I went to pick up his trial assessment results, I was actually surprised to see them, and made him realize that he would do wonders if he puts a little efforts at home. "We can do this, baby!", I said. He hugged me and said, "thank you, mummy!" But that didn't mean that he would be on his feet doing the efforts on his own, though! Not without me tagging along every other day, trying my hardest not to turn into a Hulk in the process.

Since then we have become much closer, and he was made to know how much this lady loves him to bits. Everyone could spot the difference in him, he smiles more often now. 

Verily with every hardship there comes ease...

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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