Embrace Each Day With Your Warmest Burst of Love

Assalamu'alaikum. This is gonna be a quick post, for I've been in a middle of loads of things all at once now. Earlier this morning as I watched 3 parts of Beneath of Surface with Priyanka Chopra by the Film Companion while riding my static red bike, something in particular that the bombshell with brain said really got to me like a hurricane. It was simply inspirational in so many ways and deserves to be documented and passed on and over to generations to come.

Nothing that she said we never heard someplace else before, but the way she said it was to me the nicest things put together like the rarest pearl in the ocean of love. Having said that, dearest friends, let's embrace every passing day that comes our way with our warmest love. Let's not be afraid to be stronger than the storm or the thunder, let's not dwell in our pain and endless sorrow. And most of all, let's not wear our hearts on our sleeves, nor show the world the chinks in our armours. Because they are only our own! 

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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