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Assalamu'alaikum. I have been writing this 'journal' a.k.a blog called Tak Pe Je to keep me sane, basically, you know, that kind of feeling that you have got to write about anything and nothing at all. And in so doing, I have come across a few people who gradually became my acquaintances either in facebook or instagram or whatsapp or any combination thereof, if not all the three mediums, but of course. I remember when I was in Paris a few years back, Shay had made a point to meet me up and showed me around, you know, like a hostess. That's why when I saw Ifrah's instagram post capturing some KL view, I was amazed and immediately offered to at least have a cuppa coffee, why, she's in my city! (Check out her blog, Idziher!).

Amidst her hectic schedule, we managed to meet affer all, alhamdulillah. Yeah, I'm as bubbly as much as she is, so we had no problem clicking, you know. She kept telling me how different tea was in KL that she had to live with coffee instead, and that their tea in Pakistan had to be thoroughly boiled like  nobody's business, hence the richness or thickness of it, depends on how you wanna verse it, guys! And what a coincidence, while she was in KL, the internet went bizarre over a handsome chai wala hunk, which led me to watch afterwards on you.tube a program in which he was preparing tea in Pakistani way. No wonder Ifrah and her patrons found tea in KL 'different', for we tend to drink black tea sachets over here. But I guess had she otherwise tried our 'teh tarik' she might've had a second thought. Well, I forgot to tell her that I used to help my aunt at her stall to make some "kaw" teh tarik from rich weighed tea stored in a huge tin. Not to boast or anything, but yeah, those were the days..! Heheh. 

I saw this girl grow from a university student to a lecturer, and I felt ancient when we met, being a decade older than she is, but my siblings are her age mostly, so I was okay, not a problem despite the age gap. It was weekend, so I didn't put any make-up on, which was quite a shame, for she was well made up. Oh, never mind, I was in a terrible rush to catch her up at Berjaya Times Square in the first place, so understandably, I wouldn't want to become a late hostess for no reason, now would I? But anyhow, I didn't get the chance to play a hostess of any sort, though, due to time-constraint, so we just had some authentic Malay food at a local restaurant a door next to Starbucks, Restoran Rasa Utara (Northern Taste Restaurant), to literally translate it. 

She then insisted to invite me for tea at her hotel room, which I tried to politely decline, but you wouldn't want to hurt a friend's feeling, at least not a friend who flew all the way from Karachi to get to your country, right? I really hope one day you would come back to KL, Ifrah, so you could really enjoy proper Malaysian cuisine and delicacies and explore KL in its truest colours, as you would love to wander about with your DSLR. 

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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