Burberry Prints

Assalamu'alaikum. Guess what? I'm writing this post with the sound of raindrops and thunder in the background (HERE), how absurd is that? And true to its description, I somehow found it magical, the sound does make me half asleep in no time at all. I've been fighting not to fall asleep since this evening, and you should know by now that I'm not really into daytime sleep, for the fear of a sleepless night. I think that it's finally the time to stop fighting, now that it's passed 11 o'clock at night. Anyways, I still want to finish this entry before putting it up for 'publication' after midnight, in a scheduled 'release', to say the least.

And yeah, it's in English this time, I just realized it at the end of the first paragraph, not that it matters anyways. Oh, my! The rain has taken its toll that effectively, really. It feels as if I'm sleeping in a tent at a camping site nearby a beach or a river. I should have listened to this kind of nature-like music rather than instrumental long ago. 

Coming back to the caption of this post, do you guys love burberry prints? They are everywhere, from tissue holders to skirts, as you can see from the two pictures above. Since Burberry doesn't come out with long skirts that fall within the ambit of a Muslim lady, I decided to find some fabrics that resemble the prints and have them sewn to perfection. (Not that I could even afford one had the mega lux brand come up with such a thing, though). 

I do want to own the real deal one day, apart from handbags and perfume, that is. I've been eyeing Burberry mufflers for quite some time now, but heck, it's not that I'm living in a four-season country in the first place! But if one day I could afford it, why not, right? To dream is free, and I dream big, remember?

Okay, time to go now, the lullabies of rain are too much to fight, what more with the occasional thunderstorms that follow every now and then, forcing me to write with my eyes half closed already. You take care and have a nice dream or two, we might even stumble upon one another, who knows? Nitey night, love!

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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