Giving Bosphore Backpack A Shoulder Option

Assalamu'alaikum. If you are a backpack junkie and LV addict, you must at least have an eye on Bosphore. The very least, that is. Being both, I myself have been drooling over this awesome backpack for quite some time now but due to the generous amount of vachetta leather and mostly, the absurd price hikes over the years, I knew that I would have to opt for preloved piece. Having said that, I would never settle for something less in value, nonetheless, which means that I would have to be extremely patient and wait for the right catch. Then I stumbled into this baby boy recently, a stunning honey colored preloved Bosphore with all its glory. What a masterpiece, really! 

I've had a few bucket bags with drawstrings over the years but never a backpack with the same lace style. And I'm not too crazy about tying the lace into ribbons day in day out, I'll tell you. That's one setback, apart from not having an option to carry it properly on the shoulder. Now that's might just be me, but I would love to carry this wish list backpack of mine also on my shoulder, you know, as a shoulder bag in a true sense. Insane as it sounds to be, that's what kept bugging me all this while. 

So, once I got my hands on the most awaited backpack, I did two immediate things to address the issues. Firstly, I fixed a long strap to give it a shoulder option for my own liking and preference.

Delicious honey color there! 

VoilĂ ! Got myself a shoulder strap option, what more can I say? Swag...!

And secondly, I placed a paper clip on the drawstring so that I wouldn't have to keep tying and untying any ribbons whatsoever. Problems solved! Well, I might want to get the drawstring replaced at the store one of this days but yeah, no rush. Not too bad a condition, I guess. 

I'm pleased with this baby boy, it was all worth the wait, really. Whoever owned it before this must have taken a very good care of it or otherwise used it very seldom next to never, may be? It's mine and mine only now, and I can guarantee that it's in good hands. Will be rocking this babe a lot, it seems. Happiness..!

Till then. Bye! Assalamu'alaikum.

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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