An Evening In Renaissance KL

Salam. Yesterday we went for a wonderful iftar in the Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The booking was efficiently done by my lovely friend, Grace of Putrajaya Marriot. True to her word, the food in the Temptations Coffee House was tremendously and sinfully delicious. Most of us took a few bites and went to pray Maghrib at the 2nd Floor before swarming all over the food stalls.

Getting ready for azan, which was half an hour to go, actually then.

I didn't take any up-close and personal pictures of the food, though. Been enjoying my iftar so very much, apparently. What more with the live (semi-final) badminton match between our Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long of China ongoing.

The boys were focusing on the match, before approaching the TV and standing to watch nearer.

And yeah, Malaysia's through to Badminton's Final in London Olympics 2012. I really hope Lee Chong Wei would be at his level best to face his traditional foe, Lin Dan of China. We're talking about the 1st Gold EVER to the country here. C'mon...!

The stomach was full and spirit was high. Really great to see everybody so happy. That's something money can't buy. At least to me. Smiles of others around you and the capabilities to put that smiles on them could actually send you up to the moon. I call it PRECIOUS.

We took a few pictures at the lobby. Tarawikh would be on everybody's own time. Mine was at home, within the comfort of my own solitude. 

Noticed my aqua-pink-yellow outfit, ladies? Color blocking ^_^
It's Radzuan Radziwill's collaboration with the Bought it for Eid in the first place.
But since the knit material was semi-sheer, which required me to pair it with a jersey long maxi dress underneath, I had to cancel my plan. Not in an open space of sweaty and sunny Eid-ul-Fitr for TPJ. A'ah, Naah..! 

Would have looked nicer with heels on. But health comes first FOR NOW.

That's all, folks. Thanks for being with me, love you for that.
Yours truly, TPJ.


  1. CAntik tu baju raya.. heee.. i love the color.. U suka shawl tak? i have a lots to go from kashmir..

    1. Dah aborted misi jadikan baju raya, kak.. Heheh. Dah pakai pegi iftar tu, kan? Shawls of kos i loike.. Never get tired of them. Akak jual kaa?


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