Back To Wi-Fi-less & Broadband-less

Salam. This is a quick post from me, after a week
of absence. Or was it less than that? Heck, seems
like eternity. Especially when there's no Wi-fi or
where the Broadband is either of no use or helplessly

Life without internet is so freakin' boring. Thank God
I still can make use of my smart-phone. Thank God I've
subsribed to Celcom Broadband Plan. At least when I've
gotta lucky and the line is considerably good, I can still
log in my FB.

But tonite I tried to go outside of my in-laws' house
and the line has somewhat been awesome. Never
mind the mosquitoes or the fact that I'm writing under
the moonlight. So long as I can post this thing, I'm
more than happy!

How's your Eid so far? Malaysians celebrate Eid-ul-Fitri
one whole month of Syawal, mind you. I'll only start
working next Monday, like most of peeps here.

Meantime, gotta linger some more here and there.
Hope you guys are doing alright. Thanks for being
with me, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara.

Much love, TPJ.


  1. Salam aidil fitri dik...:-)
    Seronok masih ada inlaws blh beraya sekali...blh merasa balik kmpg lain selain rmh parents sndr kan
    Maaf zahir batin dik...mai la ke rmh :-)

    1. Salam Syawal, kakak.. Maaf Zahir & Batin. Dkt je area rmh akak dgn diriku.. Panjang umo murah rejki, sampai tu nanti... Insya Allah..

  2. seronok tgk u beraya tau...i dilanda kejelesan....hari raya tak ubah mcm hari2 biasa...kekangan di sana sini...buat aktiviti nk beraya jadi terhad....sedeynyaa.........mood pun ke laut jek raya ni...huhu

    1. Seronok? Hurmm... Byk abis kat jln raya, Gee.. Tu pon byk tempat tak cover.. Panjang cita nya..


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